To Receive And Give

NFL receivers Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Roddy White have built Hall of Fame-caliber careers, played in Super Bowls and earned millions of dollars on the field. But they believe they were put in a position of privilege for a reason and that it is their responsibility to give back.

For them, giving back means more than writing a check. Earlier this year, they embarked on a journey that would put them face-to-face with atrocities brought on by human rights violations.

That trip reinforced their appreciation for the unbreakable human spirit.

It was a trip full of self-discovery and selflessness. Boldin, Fitzgerald and White accompanied Oxfam America, a nonprofit organization, on a three-day trip to Senegal, a small country in West Africa faced with widespread poverty even as it continues to provide the world with rich natural resources.

The players helped with humanitarian efforts, participated in rehabilitating farmland and visited a former slave outpost.

They learned about the communities they visited.

They learned about themselves in the process.

ESPN was granted an exclusive, all-access opportunity to document their journey.

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