The Return To The Bay

49er fans, I wanted to be the first to tell you that I’m returning to San Francisco.

Looking forward to joining my teammates, coaching staff and fans to bring back another championship to the Bay Area.

Let’s go after our Quest For Six.


42 thoughts on “The Return To The Bay

  1. So excited that Anquan resigned! Huge part of the offense last season, look forward to another productive year!

  2. YESSSSS!!!

    Anquan. As a brother in Christ, I have used your missionary journeys to show my children what discipleship is all about. We watched your fantastic season and great commitment to the team.

    As a huge 49er Fan, I am honored to have you back on the field and may God bless you and your future endeavors richly! May he protect you and keep you free from harm and may you continue to just be you and shine that light!

    Couldn’t be happier. About to tell my kids! Even the one on the way, I’m sure she’ll be excited too!

  3. Q. You are the man. Your experience and focus save last year. This year? Your leadership and style is going to help lead the team. Besides.. the Niners have to win Super Bowl 49 right?! I love your leadership – on and off the team. Keep it up.

  4. FINALLY! You’re a key component to the success of the organization, on and off the field. Glad you’re back in the Red & Gold…you’re a throwback to the days when WRs were TOUGH…Jerry Rice, Steve Largent, MIchael Irvin…congrats man.

  5. Great news for us fans! You represent everything right with NFL football. Bless you and your family.

  6. Wonderful news – very proud to have you back Q – very proud of you last season and always. God Bless 🙂

  7. So excited for niners nation.Boldin clearly was our best receiver last year so having him back is grand.I personally wanted anquan when he was in Arizona but better late than never. Next time we need a big time catch,I would throw to the big bad Boldin because he has the whole package. Strong and physical. Way to go anquan,thank u for re-signing. Go niners.#6.

  8. Anquan ! The 49rs are blessed to have a pro veteran like yourself on the team . You motivate the team as well as the fans . Keep on DOIN IT !!

  9. Way to go Q and thanks for coming back!!! Don’t know where we would have been without you last season! Like your game!! Let’s bring it home this time!! Six!!

  10. happy you re-signed…you made my dream come true when I met you, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Colt McCoy, Dwight Clark, and other great peeps at the Q81 foundation at Mortons on November 11th. Got that canvas framed of you scoring in St. Louis, and now I can get more since you’re staying in the bay…Love all that you stand for, and also love the Q81 foundation. Thanks again for signing my Authentic Boldin Jersey too that night. Can’t wait to see you tear it up at Levi’s stadium. God bless!!! GO 49ERS!!

  11. Ravens fan here. I’ve been hollering at Ravens fans since the RIDICULOUS TRADE to the 49ers about how important Anquan was to the Ravens then and is to the 49ers now. Congrats to one of the toughest wr’s I’ve ever watched play and I’m in my mid-40’s. I wished Q could’ve finished out his career as a Raven. The 49ers have one of the best and I remind the Ravens home website by posting comments that get me BANNED of what a mistake Ozzie and Harbs made! They’re very sensitive to criticism of the trade now you know!? HEY Q, 2 more 1,000 yard receiving seasons and maybe you keep it going, eehhh?

  12. Anquan, great to have you back. I like your attitude. Let’s push this team to their highest potential.
    Quest for Six

  13. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME TO GET MY NEWEST JERSEY!!!!!!!
    Thank-you sooooo much Q! You are my favorite WR by far! You bring a toughness to the position that is not really seen anymore. You truly lead by example and I look forward to you opening things up on offence and completing the “Quest for six”…….and maybe number 7 after that with you on the team! …….Niners Faithful!

  14. Welcome back! Congratulations and thanks for the 110% effort you give on every play. Looking forward to another great year for you.

    Dave in Sunnyvale (born in Pahokee,FL)

  15. Welcome home Q81! Glad you feel comfortable and welcomed with the Bay area. Thanks for helping the 49ers reaching their goal. We’ll come back strong next season. Keep up the great work!

  16. Congrats You’re one of the most effective NFL ers of the last 20 years & AZ’s biggest mistake of last decade

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