Who We Are

The Anquan Boldin Foundation

The Anquan Boldin Foundation, also known as Q81, was established in 2004 and is dedicated to expanding the educational and life opportunities of underprivileged children. As evidenced by the charitable activities across the country and overseas, the Q81 Foundation has over 14 years of history impacting communities at large.

What We Do

Expanding Opportunities

Q81 serves the community by ways of offering youth educational resources and recognizing great scholastic & community achievement. Annual holiday events wrap up the year with Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping sprees, as well as collaborative efforts in supporting community football camps and local tournaments.

Learn About Our Services

The Anquan and Dionne Boldin Scholarship Foundation

On an annual basis, Anquan and his wife, Dionne, award four scholarships of $10,000 to high school graduates. In 2014, they personally contributed a $1 million endowment, displaying their sincere commitment towards underserved students as well as the future of their education.


Q-Fest is the Foundation’s signature event hosted in in Palm Beach County, Florida. This annual event hosts upwards of 30 NFL athletes and celebrities for a weekend of health, fitness, and fun. All activities are provided free of charge to residents and participating fans, raising over $100,000 annually for kids in under-served communities.

Summer Enrichment Program

The Q81 Foundation and Florida Crystals Corporation have partnered together to support students in Pahokee, Florida. Together they form the Q81 Summer Enrichment program, an 8-week program designed for students grades 9-12 at Everglades Preparatory Academy to get back on track academically.

Oxfam America

Anquan Boldin has been involved with Oxfam America since 2010, accompanying two overseas trips to Ethiopia and Senegal. He has provided over $10,000 in funding as well as countless hours towards visits to the Ethiopia communities.In Senegal, Anquan addressed political concerns in regarding transparency in the gold mining industry. He later testified as an Oxfam Ambassador on the issue.

Seasonal Services

We also provide youth and after-school programs with special events and gifts during the holidays and additional times throughout the year with:

·Thanksgiving Dinners
·Holiday Shopping Sprees
·Back to School items
·YFL Support