High School Graduating Seniors Only

Scholarship submissions for high school graduates entering college in the fall 2018 academic year can apply. Students in Palm Beach County and Phoenix area.  Deadline to apply is March 23, 2018.

Anquan and Dionne Boldin Scholarship Requests


Four $10,000 scholarships will be awarded annually  to high school seniors entering college.  Applicants must be residents of Palm Beach County or residents of Phoenix and surrounding areas. 


In an essay format of two pages or more, please tell us how you meet the below Student Requirements, and share with us why you should be the award recipient.  Your essay should include full contact information for yourself as well as for your parents or guardian.  Please note that you must also forward a pdf of your academic transcript from your most recently completed school year to the form below also by March 23, 2018.  Applications without accompanying transcripts will not be considered. Applicants must also submit a pdf of their FAFSA form.

Recap:  Submit Essay, Contact Info, Transcript, and FAFSA form to the form below by March 23, 2018 


1               Show academic achievement, with a 3.5 GPA or better

2               Show contribution in the community, with a minimum of 100 hours

3               Demonstrate the need

The deadline for submitting applications for the Fall 2017 semester is March 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.  

Grant submissions are reviewed between March through August, only.


CONTACT:              Scholarship Program 

EMAIL:                    scholarships@q81.org

Upload documents here:


All Other Grant Requests

Greetings! The initial requirement of any non-profit organization seeking a grant from the Anquan Boldin Foundation (Q81 Foundation) is to submit a one-page letter of request. This letter gives the Foundation directors a moment to review your request while matching it to the funding policies/criteria. A letter of request and all subsequent items should be submitted to the Foundation’s office by the dates indicated in the application timeline.  The letter of request must be completed before the deadline.